Open Letters challenge,

in which I will write an open letter everyday for 30 days to a different individual. Hopefully this challenge will help me out in two ways.


Firstly, I want to actually complete the challenge. Being a person that hardly ever carries on anything I have decided to try and challenge myself to blog every single day for 30 days. I would hardly call myself a perfectionist. I am however, a wannabe-perfectionist. A simple way to put it is that I like to portray myself as having a perfect life. So if I am not perfect at something I just completely drop it until I can build up the courage to try it again.


Secondly, I am really terrible and I mean terrible at expressing my feelings. I literally can’t share emotions without cringing a little. I don’t know why, but I just do. So I thought by taking part in this challenge I’ll be able to open up a little more. Just put my feelings out into the unknown internet universe.


The idea of this challenge is to not be perfect. I will post something everyday even if it rushed, unfinished or short.


I hope you enjoy my 30 day challenge and maybe it’ll inspire you.


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