Dear Future Self,

Hey, whats up broski.

Guess what your past self is currently up to? Absolutely nothing that’s what. And that’s what I want to tell you don’t become like me, don’t stay this way. Doing nothing is not going to take you anywhere in life. So please, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely procrastinating so stop. Go do something productive.

I’ve noticed something about us. We have these big ambitions and dreams. We want to learn new things and we want to experience the world but somehow we always back out. We seem to have this mindset that “We can’t do it” and we think up a million and one excuses on why we can’t do it. Well guess what? You can. And you will. All you have to do is put your mind to it. Make a game plan and then follow it. You may fail a couple of times but you know what that’s okay. Everyone fails. What differentiates the successes from the failures is the ability for you to pick yourself up each time. Perseverance is the key.

No matter what you think of yourself, you are better than you think you are.

So future self, go forth and do what you want to do. And when you need some motivation re-read this post. Hopefully it’ll give you the motivation you need.


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